Hey my name is Rob ✌️

Product Designer. Currently on sabbatical 🌴

I design and build professional software. For 10 years, I've worked mostly with early-stage companies, particularly in B2B SaaS, Health, Life Science, and Commerce. In that time, I've built a reputation for considerate, creative design work – backed by purposeful research and robust, maintainable code.

Away from the screen, I like to travel. Particularly on motorcycles or by campervan. I also enjoy hiking, collecting records, and reading. I live in the leafy city of Nottingham with my wife, Harriet and my rabbit, Daisy.



Me and my wife are taking 3 months off to travel Europe in our campervan. Currently, we're in Italy 🇮🇹

I built Pilcrow as a side project to help me keep track of my thoughts. It's now spiralled into a full PKM-style tool with a twist.

I lead design here, helping Lantum move into new markets such as the US and Secondary Care. I built several successful products and a thriving design practice. Left to go on sabbatical.

As Design Lead, I helped pivot this agency to work with life science and pharma companies on discovery and innovation projects during the pandemic. Launch various products including an ML talk therapy app with Microsoft.